Your agency, Jetset Travel an  "Excellence Award" winner!

We are very proud to announce that we have the honor of winning Excellence Award from American Express Travel for the fourth time! The Excellence Award is presented to only twenty five companies in the country, we appreciate all involved to help us achieve this great honor, especially our amazing clients!

Moving forward, we would like to ensure you the same quality of service and hope to attain this award in the coming years.


Our staff are enthusiastic travel counselors with vast product knowledge and experience, combined with a genuine desire to provide the highest standard of personal service. We welcome the opportunity to serve your travel needs and demonstrate our commitment to providing the best value for your travel dollar.

With all the resources out there for travelers it is difficult to distinguish reliable information from false promotions. The solution to a carefree and enjoyable travel experience is to use an experienced travel agent.


  • Contact us to redeem your Travel Rewards Points, and take advantage of other American Express travel offers. You do not need to be a cardholder to enjoy some of the discount travel programs. 
  • Book with the Travel Redemption Center. Use Pay With Points to redeem your points for all or only part of your trip. 
  • Fly on virtually any airline without seat  restrictions or blackout dates.
  • Book cruises, vacation packages and hotel rooms through the Travel  Redemption Center form.
  • Redeem for all or only part of your trip with points and put the balance on your American Express card.


Your travel arrangements 

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